Tack is Moving & Introducing Scaredy

Tack is Moving & Introducing Scaredy

See this right here? This is what Tack is running away from. Beautiful yes, but it turns out the cold just doesn't work for me.

The wife and I moved to Western North Carolina from LA in 2020 to be near my family and focus on our projects without the bustle of the city. We ambitiously chose to move way up on a remote mountain. Turns out, it's too dang cold, and too remote to be practical for expanding Tack production. We got so sick of the chilly weather, we've now decided to move down to Savannah, Georgia, where it's hot as hell.

Currently we are in a sort of limbo, staying at a temporary spot in Asheville, NC, while we prepare to make the move to Savannah. This limbo situation has made it hard for me to sew as much as I'd like. Sewing this stuff requires substantial square footage and dialing in some finicky equipment. Moving in and out of cramped places puts a big damper on production. I hope to find a good space in Savannah and start churning out more bags again. In the meantime I'll eek out what I can.

I really enjoy designing non-bag things too, and have been working on various apparel concepts for a while. This is a great time for me to focus more on that. I'm excited to debut Scaredy Non-Racing, my apparel sub-brand. I have a lot of fun ideas for Scaredy, so hopefully I can bring some more of those to fruition in the coming months. Here's a bit more about the concept itself.

The word Scaredy started to stick in my mind because I often refer to our pup Pocket, the wife, and myself as "Scaredies". Pocket has a morbid fear of washing machines, construction noises, paper and plastic bags, etc. He has regular panic attacks, but nonetheless is an adventurous spirit and a brave little guy. In fact, he is scared of riding in his bike basket, but he still goes for it and loves it. The wife has what I think is a diagnosable fear of heights, which doesn't exactly enhance her enjoyment of the outdoors. But she finds ways to get out there and soak it up. 

I'm a Scaredy too, scared of falling on the bike and getting injured, scared of climate change, ecological collapse, economic and social injustice, not living up to my millennial life expectations, etc. So the idea of Scaredy is a tongue-in-cheek badge of honor. "Just Do It", "No Fear", Hoo-Ra Racing type branding is swapped out for just:

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